If you’re strongly swayed to become a doctor and are currently in high school, or the first 2 years of university, this is the perfect time to start paving your path for success. I love working with clients in this stage because early advising can optimize your strategy for 3rd year, 4th year, post-grad, and when you finally do decide to apply, and save a lot of headache and time!

In addition to the packages, here are some additional services provided to pre-applicants :

  • Assessing your current grades, activities, scholarships, accolades etc.
  • Identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses, and regular check-ups to round out your skills
  • Optimizing how you study and prep assignments to ensure a strong GPA
  • Helping you find suitable volunteer and research opportunities
  • Advising for scholarship applications – a bonus to your accolades!

Explore your options or contact me to get started.