Non-traditional applicants

A non-traditional applicant may mean any of the following:

  • You have pursued another career field before coming to this path
  • You are a care provider to your family, which may include children
  • Applying to med school means taking a hiatus from the workforce
  • You have multiple financial commitments, which could include mortgages and childcare

I admire the non-traditional applicants and my colleagues who I’ve met throughout medical school and residency. They are usually older and have multiple responsibilities besides your typical medical student, which could include any of the above, while juggling the stresses and sacrifices entailed in medicine.

Some previous non-traditional applicants I’ve worked with include helping a mother of three gain acceptance to medical school on her third try, or a clinical nurse educator who put off medical school for a decade and is finally in the process of applying. In addition to the services included in the packages, I provide additional help to non-traditional applicants:

  • Assessing your current circumstances¬† in work, finances, and education
  • Helping you evaluate your readiness to enter med school at this stage in your career
  • Optimizing your return to school or academics, and addressing deficits in your application
  • Highlighting your unique attributes cultivated from your non-traditional path
  • Additional life advice from non-traditional students and residents

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