About Me


Oh the places you’ll go in medicine…

A little about me

I grew up in a low-income family and neighbourhood, and quickly recognized an interest to help those in need. As a teenager, two loved ones in my immediate family were diagnosed with neuromuscular degenerative disorders. This solidified a desire to become a doctor.

I obtained a full-ride merit based scholarship for my undergraduate studies, where  I learned that gaining acceptance to medical school was a very competitive process. Some of my friends’ parents even paid for exclusive club memberships so their child could network with other doctors – only to be met with rejection letters! I was determined to independently figure out the system, and was accepted to medical school 1 year shy of finishing my undergraduate degree on my first attempt.

During medical school, I was part of the admissions committee and an interviewer. In my 4th year, I applied to multiple residency programs. Once again, I was happily accepted to my first choice. I am currently a resident in a city and program of my choosing.

Why work with Dr. Dee?

The story above highlights that acceptance doesn’t require a certain pedigree, or a bunch of well-placed connections. You don’t even need to be the smartest person in your class. There is a system I’ve studied up-close while applying, assessing/interviewing other candidates, and helping clients. My knowledge base is combined with friendliness and a genuine desire to help hopefuls. Best of all,  my personalized approach identifies the qualities that make you distinctive. I limit the number of clients for the application cycle to maintain a strong dedication to each person.

Why not go with another consultation service?

There are many websites promising the same as above, however they often have multiple employees, some of which aren’t even medically licensed in Canada, or aren’t doctors who have undergone the same process. Working with me ensures that you’ll always work with just me, from formulating strategies during undergrad studies to assessing your application essays.

If you’re so enthusiastic, why don’t you offer your advice for free?

I do! I offer free services to those considered “disadvantaged”; each case is assessed on an individual basis. That said, I’m still a resident in 6-figure debt, so I’m not yet able to provide free help to everyone.

Ready to get started? Find out more about your options or contact me.